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Frequently Asked Questions

Private & Non-Private Lessons

Dream Driving School offer both private and non private lesson for those looking to save some money.

Private Lesson: The student will be pick up with no one else in the car other than the instructor, and the student will practice anything they need to enforce without having to pick up anyone after or before their lesson.

Non-Private: Is the Most popular among the student's and parents. Student will be picked up with the prior student in the back and the first part of the lesson will be to drive the prior student to their location of drop off, the student will get their full minutes that their paying for regardless. 

How much does a driving school cost?

Depending on your needs, everyone has a different goal's. The price change depending on the location we're picking up the student and the services they require/need. 

Road Test New Jersey

In order to get a license in NJ you must have a car that meets the MVC requirements, Dream Driving School provides this service at any New Jersey location for a small fee to ensure the student meets all require documentations.

Dream Driving school also provides refreshers course before the test by calling us and making an appointment 

How many lesson do i need?

Its hard to tell how many hours is enough, everyone is different and learn at different pace, fourtanaly Dream Driving School offers a 2 hour Private or Non-Private lesson that can always be upgraded to a 6 to 10 hours packages to save you some money. Sometimes that's more than enough but as mention everyone learn at a different pace and we hate to rush a process that involves keeping your life and others safe.

How much does it cost to get a license?

Before obtaining a "Class D" Drivers License you first must obtain the permit that cost $10 from MVC (16 has to enroll in Driving School), after completing and passing the "Knowledge Test" either at an MVC location (17 Years or older) or at a Driving School (for 16 years old only) you must then schedule, take and pass the Road Test at which point the fee will be $6 for first time license holders.

What kind of cars do you use?

Dream Driving School provides their own cars with dual control brake for all of our services, Currently as of 2024 all of our cars are Toyota Corolla's between the year of 2014 to 2024

Can i go to MVC on my own?

Yes, If you are 17 years of age or older then you are not required by anyone to enroll in any Driving School. If you are 16 the only way to obtain a Student Permit is by enrolling in a Driving School

How soon can i do My Road Test?

The minimum age require for anyone in the state of NJ to obtain a Probationary License is 17, After 1 year you can upgrade your license to a regular license.

Must a 16 year old go through a Driving School?

If your goal is to get the license at age 17 then Yes, New Jersey MVC requires for all 16 year old to enroll in a Driving School and follow all guidelines (6 Hours Behind The Wheel, Vision Test & Validation Of Permit). With Dream Driving School all requirements are process.

Keep in mind that for a 16 year old to obtain the license at 17 the process must be started 6 months before the students 17 birthday.

Difference between an Examination Permit And/Or Student Special Learner Permit

The state of New Jersey offers three types of permit for Auto, bellow you can see which one you qualify for.

Student Learner's Permit (GDL): is only for those who are of the age 16 and can only be obtain by a Driving School for $10.

Examination Permit (GDL): Is for those who are 17 years or older, it can be acquire from the MVC with the proper documentation (6 Points Of ID). if you are 17 years old you must be accompany by a parent/guardian.

Examination Permit (Non-GDL): If you already have a license from another country you might qualify for this type of permit thats only valid for 90-days from purchase date, you'll have to obtain the Driver's License by then otherwise you'll need to renew the permit.